ChainGraph is a browser-based visual transaction explorer which runs on your own computer. Starting with a root transaction of your choosing, it lets you interactively explore the inputs to that transaction, and recursively the transactions providing those inputs. You choose the level of detail – the interface takes the form of an interactive graph. ChainGraph connects to your own Bitcoin Core node on your PC, giving it access to all transactions on the blockchain. In the near future we will be providing an online instance of ChainGraph that does not require connection to your own node.

SpiralViz uses game rendering technology to provide a 3D representation of the entire blockchain for the user to fly over and explore. By connecting to your own Bitcoin Core node, all 700,000+ blocks are rendered based on actual blockchain data (specifically, the time each block was mined, and the data size of each block).

Our first stock product (one unit!) is a 75x30cm framed canvas print “Truly Stuff” generated using our own software. By querying 12+ years of blockchain data from the Bitcoin network, the first 700,000 blocks containing Bitcoin transactions are rendered in an innovative nested spiral, with days represented by smaller revolutions and years on a larger scale.

Bidding ends Sunday 28th November 2021.